Friday, May 15, 2009

Urban Oasis

Enter a space that is inviting, filled with exotic influences --- bordered with bright, periwinkle-colored Clematis...

My friend Jennifer's gardening style is more intuitive and aesthetically-based than my own. I admire that. Although, my style is eclectic and open to change, as I learn more about the wide cornucopia of plants and gardening in general, I'm way more OCD. Jennifer just sees something she likes and organically senses how to integrate it into her space.

I'm going to try and emulate Jen's style in this post and limit the wordiness, and allow the viewer to simple enjoy the sights...

All photos in this post were taken by Jennifer Matthews, with my thanks.

1 comment:

AR said...

I like her garden, especially her eye for all the little details. I love the clematis.

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