Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spiderwort (Tradescantia x Andersonia)

What a curious plant! They open in the shade of the day, and closes in bright sunlight!

  • Like Daylillies and Day flowers, each blossom lasts only one day.
  • The common name refers to the numerous hairs on its sepals and buds. They look like a spider's nest of webs, especially when covered in dew.
  • "wort" is an archaic word for plant.

I love these plants and their "alien-like" appearance. Their strange habits. The fact that they are perennials pleases me to no end. I can expect to behold their wonder, year after year.


Tatyana said...

I have them in my garden, but know almost nothing about them. Thanks for the information!

Alexandria Sewell said...

No problem, Tatyana! I find them fascinating myself.

Tatyana said...

I spotted them several years ago in my friend's garden and asked for one plant. It grew for several seasons and I didn't even know the plant's name!

Alexandria Sewell said...

Tatyana, they spread like crazy! I just found a random one at the edge of my Mom's porch a few days ago.

Janet said...

You are right, they spread ALL over! I have tons of them! (I think of them as weeds in some parts of the garden)

Alexandria Sewell said...

Janet, spiderworts are prolific, but I still have a hard time considering them weeds. However, they can be invasive.

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