Thursday, May 21, 2009

Richters Loot: The "Piss Off" plant and Mojito Mint

I received a recent order that I made to Richters Herb Specialists in Canada today! The contents being three foundling Piss Off plants and three Mojito Mint plants. Richters is a favorite of mine because of their wild selection of vegetable and herb plants and seeds.

The Piss Off plant is reputed to repel cats, dogs and rabbits. After my earlier experiences with the local feral cats, this sounded pretty good to me. According to the Richters website, "The Piss-Off Plant was developed four years ago in Germany when a Plectranthus canina plant was crossed with a Plectranthus esculentus plant. The goal was to produce an ornamental plant with compact growth habit. It was only later that the plant's unique animal-repelling property was discovered." We'll just have to see.

The Mojito Mint is a native of Cuba and the true mint to use in my favorite Summertime alcoholic concoction. It is mild and warm, not overly sweet like other mints. I tried my hand at overwintering the plant this last winter, but was far from successful. I'm not sure if it was spider mites or just the atmosphere in my greenhouse. At any rate, I was left with sickly, spindly plants that eventually bit the dist. So, I'm psyched to get my hands on these healthy specimens. They will no doubt flourish in the mid-Spring sun.


Helen said...

We're lucky to live within an easy drive of Richters -- always great stuff. Let us know whether Piss Off lives up to its name.

Alexandria Sewell said...

Oh, you are lucky, Helen! I'd just about bankrupt myself if I lived near Richters. They are awesome! I will report on how well "Piss Off" works...or does not.

Anonymous said...

Did the piss off plant work? Trying to find solutions to raccoons pooping on our deck

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering of the poss-off plant worked. I saw it at Richter's Herbs on the weekend but didn't buy any.

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