Thursday, May 14, 2009

No More Dirt Under Your Nail Beds - A Guide to Gardening Gloves

There are many important tools utilized in the garden. The ones I use most often however, are my hands.

No matter how many specialized tools I have, I still end up doing jobs not just by hand --- but with my hands. So, it goes without saying that they need protection --- from the dirty to the downright dangerous.

As a woman, I was annoyed to discover years ago, that most gloves were more suited to chunky-fisted males. While my hands are far from dainty, I still need an alternative. My first encounter with a great-fitting woman's glove was The Original Womanswork Work Glove from My Mom actually turned me onto them. Made of durable US sueded pigskin, they provide awesome dexterity and protection. They are hand washable and have the super cool "Womanswork - strong women - building a gentle world" embossed on the back of each glove. Their website boasts an impressive collection of gardening gloves for men and women. puts out several types of gardening gloves for women. They are form-fitting and have a classic dress glove design in a performance glove (for the more fashion conscious). Their gloves are available in a variety of styles and colors and vow "to keep your hands clean even after a day in the garden". Foxgloves also provide a UPF rating of 50+ for maximum sun protection. They are also machine-washable and quick drying.

Nitrile gloves are a lightweight, breathable and tough work glove. They are excellent for any number of tasks --- spreading compost, weeding, seeding, etc., while keeping hands clean and dry. A great alternative for those with latex or rubber allergies. Nitrile is thin and flexible, but stubborn enough to withstand punctures and even small thorns. They are also extremely affordable. I found them at


Devil's Trumpet said...

Hate dirt under my nails but would rather have my hands in the dirt than wear gloves, i have always been funny that way. The pink gloves are pretty though.

Anonymous said...

Alexandria, this is exactly what I need. I have those thick leather things that don't give you the digital mobility (wow slightly technical words but you get my drift). Those thinner options ones are just the solution - getting some online now. Thanks for the research and nice to find your blog.

katty said...

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