Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edible Window Boxes

Window box gardens are an easy way for beginners to get started with gardening. They can offer easy maintenance right from a kitchen window. They are simple to maintain and much less work than preparing an entire backyard garden area. For more advanced gardeners they can become auxiliary specialty gardens.

Even starting them in the Fall you can produce a cornucopia of herbs and vegetables. Broccoli is a productive plant, and turnips will mature quickly. Dwarf variety tomato plants can be more of a pain, but may alternately be productive plants. Lettuces and salad greens, combined with herbs, such as compact basil, chives and oregano make for a beautiful edible display.

When considering a window box garden consider the following:
  • Pair plants with similar cultural needs (i.e., watering needs, sun/shade preferences, etc.)
  • One key to success is not putting too many plants in one box
  • Consider plant heights and growth habits, such as spreading, upright and trailing
  • For best growth, set box in an east or west-facing window outdoors, or a south-facing window indoors


Stephanie said...

Hello! This is a good suggestion! Window boxes are very good for beginners. For me, I started gardening with a few pots of green ferns ;-)

Autumn Belle said...

Planting onions is fun too. Spring onions will make a good garnishing for many dishes and soups.

Janet said...

Great idea! I have my lettuces in window boxes on the deck, to keep out of the garden and the rabbits!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea! I planted some Swiss chard and lettuce in small flower containers this summer and they've grown like gangbusters on my balcony. We've had two meals off the chard, and it just keeps on giving. :) Great blog!

Tatyana said...

Hi Alexandria! I guess you are living in tomato paradize right now, am I right? My tomatoes are starting to ripen.
Good post with a good advice.

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